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Experiencing the best auto body repair shop in OKC

Auto Body LogoRecently I had car issues…of course! I mean, this always happens right? It’s so annoying. Sometimes I wish I could walk everywhere and didn’t have to own a car. Because as soon as you get some money in the bank…it never fails…something happens to the car. And it’s not always your fault. In fact, a lot of times it isn’t. This was the case for me recently.

A few weeks ago, I came out to get in my car and I noticed something different…the was a huge dent in the fender of my car. Total hit and run (I live in the city!). This is not the first time this has happened to me either. But I digress.

So I did what anyone looking for auto repair would do these days. I jumped on the all-knowing Google and searched for auto body shops in OKC. At the top of the list was Hail Restore. They had a nice website, good reviews and lots of coupons on their website so I decided to give them a try.

The entire experience was great. Typically, you never know what you’re going to get with these types of operations. We all have our own horror stories to share. From bad service to faulty repairs, you just never know what you’re going to get.

I have to say…I was impressed. These folks were very professional, straight forward and very reasonable on pricing and how they handled my claim. They even gave me a free rental car to drive while they were fixing my car. Needless to say, that was freaking nice. That’s one of the worst things about putting your car in the shop…being without a car and trying to figure out how to get around like the 1920’s!

It was nice. They repaired my car quickly. And since they do paintless dent removal, they didn’t have to mess my car up at all with old school techniques.

I enjoyed the experience so much I decided to blog about it lol.

Seriously though…I think a lot of times we only complain about bad service we receive and we don’t praise the good guys and gals enough. So here is me doing my part and praising a good company.

Here’s a video from their homepage to give more details about their services.

Chase Turner Shows Fun Way to Present SEO Resume

A New Way To Present an SEO Resume

Chase Turner, a Digital Marketing and SEO Specialist, presents a unique way to present you resume to a company you are trying to impress. Build a page that shows your strengths and skills and then rank it for a specific keyword phrase. In this case, he is ranking his resume for Chase Turner SEO Resume. Doesn’t this sound like a better idea than turning in a weighted paper with very little functionality.

Not only do you show your SEO skills by ranking the resume page, but you also have a lot more functionality with your resume. For example, you can show your meta tag skills or HTML skills. You have so much more room to show off your results because you can link to separate pages that show your portfolio, or in Chase’s case, he shows off case studies. It is impossible to show this “total package” on paper.

Is this a trend that will catch on? Is this the future of resume creation? Who knows. What we do know is this is a great way to set you apart from other candidates.

Chase Turner SEO Resume Snapshot


I’m tired of this $h1t

Life is too short for this shit

Fighting For Your Life

-This is what I want to do to some people right now-

Get ready for rant below 🙂

Soooooo there has been a lot of crazy shit going on around me lately. My life is fine. Everything cycles. I went up, I came down and I’m on my way back up again. No big deal. I keep my life simple and keep my eye on the life I desire.

It’s amazing…I spent 6 months in Brazil and my hardest decision I had to make there was which type of beer I was going to drink that day. I get back in the states and in less then 60 days, there is non-stop drama all around me. Life is simply too short for this shit.

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Why Your Personality Test Don’t Work

Personality Test Comic

I love this cartoon!

For rather mysterious and top secret reasons,  I’ve had some experience with personality testing.

Actually, two experiences to be exact.

The first was the Kolbe test and the second was the SOI test.

Now, from my experience, personality test usually make me feel like the cartoon above. They make me feel confused and like these things are useless.

I mean we are the way we are right?

For example, one time I went to work for this financial planning firm (you can read the awesome story here). And I told them I wanted to sale and they hired me and told me they would teach me how to sell financial planning services. On a side note, I’m so glad this didn’t work out, as I think this profession is a joke and only suckers hire these people 🙂

Anyways…they had me filing papers and updating spreadsheets. I lasted all of 90 days with these people. Now, do you think you need a personality test to tell you that a fired up guy who wants to make millions of dollars a year shouldn’t be filing papers and updating excel spreadsheets? Surely not. But then again, these guys weren’t that smart in any area of life.

I can still remember the financial planner bragging about the rate she got financing a water softener for the house. You should totally let her manage your money.

So as I’ve said, I took two test and the Kolbe one was straight hilarious. It told me exactly who I was (as if I didn’t already know) and then told me the worst thing you can tell someone like me. It literally told me not to set a schedule or a routine and not to stick to anything. It told me these things would stress me out.

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How To Win In The New Year


Holy cow…it’s that time of the year again!

The exclamation mark does not express my excitement though. Can you remember when you were a child and you wanted to be a teenager? Thirteen seemed so far away.

Then 16 seemed so far…you would get to start driving your parents around at 15 with your driver’s permit. It was such an exciting time.

Then after 16, there was good ole’ 21. Remember how it seemed you would never turn 21?

And then after that the early 20’s seemed to go pretty slow and enjoyable.

And then 25 hit and it just seemed like a downhill stretch from there.

I’m 30 as I write this and I remember when I was a teenager that 30 seemed like 90. Now it seems you blink your eye and another year is gone.

Do you remember when you were 21 thinking you would have it all figured out at 30? And now at 30, you still have no idea what the future holds.

Regardless of where you are in life, one thing is for certain…the new year will be here soon and it’s time to reflect on what you did in 2014 and what you plan to do in 2015.

Here is the major lesson I learned in 2014…

Nothing happens overnight!

Can you believe it took me 30 years to learn this? I can. And here is why.

We are surrounded by people who have seem to hit it big overnight. Rather it’s the app that launched and had 10,000 downloads in one week or the new rep who made $10K their first month…

It’s so easy to get caught up in all the headlines and B.S.

The reality is everyone goes at their own pace and LUCK has to do a lot with homeruns.

Heck, luck even has to do with people who take 10 years to hit their goal. A lucky break here and a new connection there.

When I meet a successful entrepreneur, I like to ask them, “how did you fall into this business.” Instead of asking them, “how did you get started in this business.”

I know this seems weird but the reality is every successful person has caught breaks. It is rare to find a successful business owner who came up with an original idea.

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Keep Calm and Shut Your Mouth

Keep Calm and Shut Your Mouth

This is Why you need to learn how to shut up 🙂

I love this title. It’s pretty rude right? I’m sorry, I don’t mean too.

Anyway let’s get down to today’s lesson. One of the first things my millionaire mentor taught me about sales was shutting my mouth. Literally. Who would have thought sales 101 starting with not talking?

You see, the best salesmen and saleswomen in the world just so happen to also be the best listeners in the world. Not only that, but they ask some of the best questions in the world as well.

Most salesmen meet a potential client and immediate start blabbing on and on about their product as if the potential customer woke up that day thinking, “damn, I hope some annoying sales person comes and talks my ear off today.” If you walk up to a guy wearing sunglasses and start selling him on why your sunglasses are the best on the market; and then it turns out that person is blind. Doesn’t help you much does it?

One of the best reasons to ask questions is to qualify people. Why try to sell sunglasses to a guy that can’t even see?

Imagine again that you went to the blind guy and asked him if he liked his current sunglasses. And he said, “you know I’m blind so I can’t really tell what they look like, but I will tell this, they kind of rub me to hard on my left ear.” Bingo, now find the solution and sell it to him.

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How Good Will Hunting Fired Me

Good Will Hunting

Do you remember the first time you saw this movie? I don’t, but I know I have watched it several times sense then.

Here’s what I do remember though…the last few lines of the card Matt Damon left for Robin Williams and the last line says, “I’ve got to go see about a girl.”

Now I’m sure you’re wondering what the hell that has to do with success in network marketing.

Well let me tell you a story.

When I was about 21, I started working a job for a financial planner. They promised me that they would train me to become a good planner and make a lot of money. It was a small firm with one main successful partner so I liked my odds.

The problem was they were so unorganized that when I started, all they had me doing was organizing paperwork and files and calling all the clients to make sure the beneficiaries on the plans were up to date. Instead of learning how the stock market and investing works, I was stuck with excel and lots of filing cabinets. It was hell on earth for a person like me.

After 90 days of this came a big defining moment for me. You see, I had quit college but this firm was giving me a chance. My family was happy because they thought even though I dropped out I had found that “career” that was going to take care of me.

But then one day, something important was going on. My boyfriend was playing college basketball and he was a senior. His team was in the playoffs and everyone knew he was not going pro. So this was it. His last time on the court and I needed to be there for him.

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