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Why Network Marketing Sucks

Have you ever tried to start your own business before? No…okay, let me list the things you will need to address before you open your doors.

  • Accounting
  • Marketing
  • Permits
  • Sales
  • Employees
  • Hiring, training and firing employees
  • Oh and yes, paying all the taxes that come along with employees: medicare, social security, federal income tax, state income tax
  • If you go brick and mortar, then you need to find a space sign a lease and invest money on the buildout
  • Customer Service
  • And the most important of all….YOUR PRODUCT!
  • Of course you have the research and development of the product
  • Then there’s the legal stuff that comes with the product

Okay, I think that’s enough. I’m sure I could go on but we’ll stop there. When the government gets done with, your going to look like this cat below…and trust me…it is terrible.

Red Tape

So why do I mention all of this?

Well, when you start a network marketing business, the company you sign up takes care of everything on this list except two of them…sales and marketing.

This is a huge relief. You get the opportunity to short cut the business creation and red tape of the whole process. From day one, all you have to do is sell. The company has already invested millions of dollars in the business development stage. Now, of course you will have to go through the growing pains, every one does. But it’s not near as much pain to endure as trying to handle all of the above as a small business owner.

So I guess I wrong…maybe network marketing doesn’t suck :-)

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The Growing Pains

Lady Pulling Out Her Hair

One of the things I hated so much as a younger, business professional were the growing pains. And quite honestly, they don’t go away with age. Although, they do seem to come less. I’m sure there are several factors but the two that pop in my head is the older we get, the wiser we get, the more skills we learn, thus we don’t make as many bone-head mistakes and two, we don’t look as short term as we once did.

What I mean by that, is when I was in my early 20’s, I thought thinking long term meant 30-60 days. I’m not kidding. But I didn’t realized this until I recently turned 30. My entire 20’s was spent trying to get rich quick, even if I told myself I wasn’t trying to. I really thought I wasn’t! But anyone who looks 30-60 days down the road is trying to get rich quick. Period.

Today, with every project I start, or website I start, or business I start, I look a minimum of 6 months down the road. Yes, I know, my mentor still thinks that is getting rich quick, but then again, he doesn’t quite understand the internet.

Now I will tell you, there is a time to think 6 months down the road and a time to think 10 years down the road. If you are starting a blog that you want to drive traffic to to help you make money, then looking 6 months down the road is quite okay. However, if you are looking at building a real, long-term business that can generate wealth for you and your family, then I would say a minimum of 12 months is a must.

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Why Posturing Matters

Posture and Positiong

Do you want to have clients begging you to work with them or sell them something like this stick guy does above? Of course you do. Then you need to understand posturing and why it matters.

Simply put, posturing is a non-verbal way to tell they other person that you’re in charge of the situation. Now, this does not always mean that you walk around like you’re better then everyone. Remember, from our last post, sometimes caring less is better.

Check out this picture below…

Sales Posture Example

What is this guys body language telling the other person?

Here’s what come to mind for me…

“I’m too busy thinking about my awesome life and all the things I have going on to be interested in what you’re talking about.”

Now again, as I’ve mentioned before on this blog. You never want to do things just too be an ass. You only want to use these tactics where they can be used naturally.

Let me give you an example. Have you ever set down with someone that you respected? Maybe you have been trying to get a meeting with them for weeks, or even months.

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It’s Time To Care Less

Its time to care less

Have you ever heard the saying…”whoever cares the least in a relationship wins.” If you haven’t, today’s your lucky day. As sad as it is, it’s just simply true. So we can fight the facts of life and phycology or embrace them.

Not before we get into this topic, I am not condoning nor promoting…or even suggesting that you to treat people like crap. I’m just teaching you a simple law and how to use it to sell more of what you’re selling.

This comes down to the reality that people want what they can’t have. Simple as that. If I tell you not to think about a pink elephant, what the first thing that you think about. If I can’t tell you why you can’t have my product, what’s the first thing you want?

How do we apply this? There is a big element going on in the background here. It’s strength versus weakness. Most people in business work from a place of weakness. They are always wanting and needing and begging for more sells. While, on the other hand, successful business people work from a position of strength.

This mindset, this aura if you feel is attractive to other people. While on the other side, being needy is repellent.

Hasn’t always boggled your mind why if you treat a guy or girl like crap when you first meet them, they want more of you. But if you text them nice things 3 times the day after you got their number….send them flowers on the next Monday and try to treat them to a dinner or movie, they run to the hills as fast as possible! However, if you don’t call or text. What do they do? They wait by the phone all day, hoping, wishing that you buzz them up.

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The Biggest Marketing Secret Ever


I always giggle to myself (lol) when I see or write the word secret…isn’t a secret something that is not told? Yet there are many “secrets” given out freely on the interwebs everyday…damn marketers.

So let me re-write that…The Number One Thing You Must Know To Understand Marketing…(not as sexy).

Here’s the deal, it has to do with Bob going to Home Depot to buy a drill gun. But Bob doesn’t want a drill gun…he NEEDS a drill gun because he needs to drill screws into the wall to hang his new 60 inch TV!

What’s more important to Bob here? The drill or the TV? I guess one could argue that it depends who is playing Monday Night Football hehe. But here’s the reality…Bob doesn’t give a damn about the drill gun…he wants the TV hung so he can watch his favorite sports team and get all the joy and pleasure this experience can bring to him.

If you miss this, you will misunderstand the entire concept of marketing and selling. What did you need to sell Bob on the drill? The manufacturer, the features of the drill? No, you needed to sell him the 60″ TV!
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Don’t Be An Annoying Marketer

Annoying Marketer

This is officially my first blog post so I want to make it structured around what this website is all about. It was a decade ago now when I joined my first business opportunity. It was pretty much the same then as it is now…

When you get started, your mentor/upline tells you to make a list of people you know. Contact them (don’t tell them much :-)), book a meeting with your friend and your upline. And when you get someone signed up, you simply rinse and repeat. After doing this for two years I became part of the NFL. Not the National Football League…the “No Friends Left” Club. I LOL’d the first time I heard that. Was so true…my friends and family didn’t want me around because I was so annoying to them.

It took me a while but I finally figured out the difference between permission marketing and interruption marketing. Seth Godin has a book about this topic. Since then, I have been in love with permission marketing…so much easier…so much more enjoyable.

Interruption Marketing – No one likes to be interrupted. Think about it. When you’re watching TV and they are about to reveal the twist of the whole story you’ve been waiting a week to see. And right when you’re going to find out which guy she gives a rose too…the voice comes on…”See who gets the rose when we come back.” Damnit! That is pure interruption.

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